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Rosacea Canada
Rosacea Canada
Helping people with rosacea

Welcome to Rosacea Canada

I have been dealing with Rosacea for many years and I have found some products and medication that really help. I have included details on what I do to manage my rosacea. I welcome any comments or ideas about what works for you.

Here is what I do to control my Rosacea:

In the Morning : I wash my face with a mild soap (Rosacare bar - mild formula) and I apply prescription Noritate cream. I then apply protection cream / moisurizer (Rosacare) It is a tinted cream that really reduces the redness.

At the office : I drink plenty of water. I do not drink coffee or other caffeine based products. I take a low dose aspirin when I feel warm. I take two prescription 50mg minocycline capsules during the day.

At night : I wash with a mild soar (Rosacare bar - acne formula)and I apply  prescription Noritate cream. I apply the protection cream / moisurizer (Rosacare). I take a vitamin tablet (Rosacare vitamin A) to help reduce pimples and to speed healing.

I take antihistamine like Reactine during the summer.


I will provide information on the products I use in the near future.

I have had some laser treatment
I will provide details soon!

To get in touch to offer comments, please email: